Navigating this site

Welcome to Osoyoos Persists, a website providing researched, curated and fact-checked information to the Osoyoos community and area. This site is still in development, so changes are coming to make it more user friendly. Here are some tips on navigation.

  • Use the search engine at the top of the right-hand sidebar to search for keywords. For example, searching for “blood” will bring up information about blood donation.
  • There are two types of pages on this site — static pages and the news feed. Static pages provide standing information that people can refer to. For example, there is a page called “Public Health Authorities and Experts.” This page provides links to B.C., Canadian and international websites for further information. These static pages, which are continuously updated, can be reached through links at the top of the page just under the header, as well as under the heading “Where to Go” in the right-hand sidebar.
  • The news feed provides new articles on the main page, usually in reverse chronological order. Each news post has one or more “categories” for example “Finding Help,” “Survival Tips” and “Staying Sane.” To bring up posts from one category only, use the drop-down menu under “News Categories” on the right-hand sidebar.
  • You can also find recent news items under “Recent Posts” just below the search engine on the right-hand sidebar.
  • To return to the main page, click the header “Osoyoos Persists” at the top of the page.