Virtual Gallery

The Life Goes On Virtual Gallery provides space to Osoyoos and area artists to show images of their work. Watch here for coming exhibitions.

June Show:

Life Goes On: Artists on Main show their work in Virtual Gallery

Members of Artists on Main Osoyoos show their paintings in the June “Life Goes On Virtual Gallery.”

This is the third “Virtual Gallery” offered by and featuring the work of local artists.

Where’s My Glass? (Nancy Gray)

May Show:

Life Goes On: Darlene and Tracy Fillion, mother and daughter, show ‘Textiles and Clay: Kindred Hands’ in Virtual Gallery

Potter Darlene Fillion and her daughter Tracy Fillion were originally scheduled to open an exhibition on May 2 at The Art Gallery Osoyoos titled “Textiles and Clay: Kindred Hands.”

With the gallery closed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Osoyoos Persists Life Goes On Virtual Gallery is featuring some of their work, just as last month we featured Focus 2020 from the Osoyoos Photography Club.

April Show:

Life Goes On: Osoyoos Photography Club exhibition Focus 2020 celebrates opening in Virtual Gallery

The Osoyoos Photography Club (OPC) presents an online version of the exhibition Focus 2020, which was originally scheduled for April at The Art Gallery Osoyoos. The online show features the work of seven local photographers.

Focus 2020